Vogue x Transitions

︎Vogue Film Trilogy
︎Creative Direction, Copy, Edit Direction

In partnership with Transitions, Vogue created a four-part film trilogy inspired by founders, dancers, chefs, and artists alike: a meditation on creativity and the process of stepping into your own process of creation.

Each film feels like a visual poem, with an emphasis on different color worlds to drive home the emotive quality of our talent’s words. These films serve as both art films and seamless integrations for Transition’s line of colored lenses — an elegant way to celebrate a classic product.

Creative direction by Lily di Costanzo. Film Direction by Amilcar Gomez. Production by Hen’s Tooth Productions. 


Calvin Royale III film (watch it!)
Tara Thomas film (watch it!)
JiaJia Fei film (watch it!)
Lauren Bille film (watch it!)
Original photography (right here!)
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︎Look & Feel 

Emerald ft. Tara Thomas:

Amber ft. Calvin Royale III


Amythest ft. JiaJia Fei:

Sapphire ft. Lauren Bille: